The people have spoken… and we have listened

When we started in the Westfalia van rental business, we always knew that we would learn as we went along.  We also knew that the best people to learn from were the folks who actually rented our vans.  But what would be the best way to get feedback?  We initially toyed with the idea of a formal customer satisfaction survey but have gone instead with asking folks two simple questions when they return their camper van rental: “what worked well?” and “what can we do better?”

People seem to like the handiness, easy maneuverability, pet friendliness and convenience of the vans… and there is no doubt that kids love sleeping in the top bunk!

Mechanically, the vans have run beautifully but the fridges have proven to be problematic.  We are undertaking a fridge replacement program to remedy this.

Folks have also requested a number of items to add as rental options: roof racks, Thule gear carrier, gazebo, bike racks, camping stoves and even a portable toilet!  We have added these items to our Extra Camping Gear section and we hope this will make our van rentals even more pleasant than before.

One Response to “The people have spoken… and we have listened”

  1. Good call on the roof boxes! It’s the perfect place to store your wet stuff like snowboards, surfing wetsuits and stinkiny mtn bike gear :). It saves the interior of the van from damage.