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Wicked Westies was born from two complimentary forces meeting at the same time: a lifelong love of cars and a midlife crisis.

As long as I can remember, I have been crazy about anything with wheels. It started with bicycles, progressed to go carts and dirt bikes and then went super nova once I got my driver’s license. I actually considered dropping out of high school to become a mechanic at one point but took a different route and studied human biology at university. A Master’s degree in neurophysiology had me on a certain career path until I blew that all up and took up computer programming and database design. Five years of coding at the world’s largest video game company and a few more years in project management got me to a place where I liked what I was doing but didn’t love it. I needed a change; I was restless. And that’s when the midlife crisis hit.

In some people’s lives, there comes a point where you realize that you might have missed something along the way. A point where you think that maybe you should have taken the other path; the path unexplored; the path where you know you will regret not travelling. For me, that path was fixing, upgrading and renting classic cars. I tossed around a couple of business ideas before coming up with VW Westfalia rentals. Westies offered much in the way of charm, comfort and functionality while giving me a chance to meet intrepid adventurers from around the world. It was an awesome mix.

All good things must come to an end though and we stopped renting Westies in 2019 but we have been messing around with vans as a hobby ever since.  I’ll have more to say on why we had to stop renting the vans in the future.

Stay safe and be cool,

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David Crouch
Owner, Wicked Westies


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