We need to redefine the term “selling like hotcakes”

Just a quick update to let you know that the rentals are booming along for 2017. In fact, I think we need to throw out the phrase “selling like hotcakes” and start using “selling like Westies” instead. We have very limited availability for the summer and the fall is starting to jam up as well… […]

That’s a wrap!

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are no longer taking new rentals for 2016. That’s a wrap! Thanks to the many, many amazing people who rented from us this year we have had our most successful season so far. To all our future customers, we actually turned away 5 times as much […]

A Westfalia love story

The intrepid Morgan Kwan (a.k.a. Beauty in the Backcountry) is at it again!  She just created a video that had us headed for the garage to pack up one of the Westies for a tour of Vancouver Island.  Totally inspiring!  You have to check it out. We also love the use of the Barr Brothers on […]

In case you are still not convinced you should rent a Westy…

Ok, we have presented a bunch of compelling evidence that you really should rent a Westfalia van for your family vacation: Of course, Morgan Kwan also did a nice summary of her trip with us. Now, Mike DeCecco has written a nice piece about why it is great to own a Westy but why it […]

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